Joliet Workers Find Everything They Need In the used Ford F-350


For those workers and contractors that need the maximum capability out of their pickup truck, the used Ford F-350 Joliet can’t be beat.  All across its pickup truck lineup, Ford engineers the toughest, most durable pickup trucks around. Because of the giant spectrum of needs that Joliet workers have, used Ford has numerous models to match the scope of your work.  The F-350 is one of Ford’s sturdiest Super Duty pickups, and is ready to handle everything except the largest of commercial projects.  Let’s look at a few pieces of its recipe for success.



  • Durability Redefined
  • Massive Power To Tackle Your Work
  • Smart Engineering Yields Impressive Capabilities



Redefining What It Means For a Truck to be Durable


Built Ford Tough isn’t simply a clever catchphrase–it’s a sensibility upon which Ford engineering is built.  The used Ford F-350 Joliet starts from the ground up with a frame engineered to minimize twisting/flexing while maintaining torsional stiffness.  Additional gussets provide durability in higher-stress areas.


Handling your potentially massive payloads is a bed built to last.  The Tough Bed feature is an available factory-installed option consisting of a spray-in bedliner.  Ensuring a smooth, even coat is a precision high-pressure automated sprayer. In addition to a watertight seal and rust resistance, you get a tailgate guard, tie-down bed hooks and attachment bolts.  As you’re beginning to see, the used Ford F-350 Joliet is ready for action.


Impressive Power Will Meet Your Needs


Joliet contractors need significant power to handle their day-to-day work, so used Ford engineers had their work cut out for them.  As has always been the case, they delivered. The standard engine in the used Ford F-350 Joliet is a 6.2L V8 producing 385 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque.  Both garner best-in-class ratings for gas-powered pickups. They’re even E85-capable, and can run on unleaded gas, E85, or a mixture of both


Workers whose needs call for more power will opt for the PowerStroke engine.  A 6.7L V8 Turbo Diesel , this engine brings best-in-class power numbers of its own: 440 hp and an incredible 860 lb-ft of torque.  A redesigned layout with a larger turbocharger that expands airflow capacity gives the used Ford F-350 Joliet a generous boost in power over previous generations.  Making sure Chicago winters can’t incapacitate your ride are instant-glow plugs that ensure quick startups in freezing temperatures.


Capability to the Extreme


The used Ford F-350 Joliet houses a bevy of features that result in various forms of versatility.  For example, used Ford engineers designed the available integrated tailgate step to help Joliet workers effectively access their payload.  It stows inside the tailgate and can be accessed whenever needed.  Its 350-lb load capacity makes sure it can handle any drivers it needs to.


Increased capability comes from the F-350’s transmission as well.  The TorqShift version of used Ford’s SelectShift 6-speed transmission includes a convenient tow/haul mode.  When engaged, this system controls gear selection to boost engine efficiency going both uphill and downhill.  It continuously compensates for altitude and grade on its own so you don’t have to think twice.


Storage in the interior of the F-350 gets additional functionality with the locking under-seat compartments.  These clever spaces allow your important items to stay on lockdown and out of sight while you’re hard at work. As an added benefit, a convenient 12-volt power point accompanies the compartments in the second row.


used Ford’s reputation for building durable trucks is unrivaled.  Again, Built Ford Tough is truly a way of life for Ford’s engineering and design teams.  Area workers need to be able to rely on their trucks to get them through thick and thin. Thankfully, they don’t need to look any further than the used Ford F-350 Joliet, IL.