The used 2016 F150 in Gilberts, IL Can Back Up a Trailer For You!


Let’s face it: backing up a trailer is all kinds of terrifying.


There’s so much that could go wrong.


Most people are awful at it, no two rigs are the same, and there’s always the possibility that you could jackknife.


Totally not stressful at all, right?


Ha. That’s what I thought.


Thank You, Ford


Stop stressing. It’s going to be okay.


But don’t thank me; thank Ford.


I mean, maybe thank me a little bit because I’m the one who is telling you about this.


But anyway.


The used 2016 models of the F150 in Gilberts, IL now features Pro Trailer Backup Assist.


What does this mean?


It means that backing up trailers is now completely hands-off.


The driver will let go of the steering wheel and pull the knob on the dashboard labeled Trailer Backup.


And then the magic happens.


Stress-Free Maneuvering


The system is very intuitive, and operates very much like a steering wheel.


For example, if you want the trailer to go to the left, release the steering wheel, then turn and hold the dashboard knob a little bit to the left and operate the pedals as normal.


The system keeps the vehicle between 1.9 and 4.3 mph to ensure slow and controlled maneuvers.


Bang! Easy!


Keep in mind that the knob is fairly sensitive, so keep your movements slight and deliberate.


Compatibility like Never Before


This system is compatible with your choice of trailer, no matter what.


There are four measurements taken to make sure that the system works seamlessly.


They measure from the license plate to the hitch ball, from the tailgate to the center of the axle(s), from the rearview camera to the sticker target, and from the center of hitch ball to the sticker target.


If you’re wondering what a “sticker target is”, I will tell you!


A sticker target is the black and white thing on the tongue of the trailer that gets the whole system to work.


As long as there is a place for this specially engineered sticker, the system will work on any trailer.


So whatever you need to tow (from 7,500 to 12,200 pounds), the used 2016 F150 in Gilberts, IL can do it.


Stop stressing, and go play with this new system!