Straightforward Steps to Finding the Best Used Car Dealerships in St. Charles, IL


Everyone that’s in the market for a used car wants to find the perfect one, and the first step is to look at the various used car dealerships St. Charles, IL.  Many people think that because independent car dealerships specialize in used cars, they must be the best place to go to find a good one.  Unfortunately some of these independent dealers don’t adhere to high standards of integrity and make a bad name for those dealers that are utterly professional.  One way to get around this all is to work with established dealers that sell both new and used cars.  Whittling down your options can be tedious, so stick to a few tips to streamline the process.



  • Make Social Media Work For You
  • How to Gain Insight From the Dealership’s Website
  • Let Google Follow Your Lead



Facebook and Other Social Media Can Be Great Resources


Facebook has been the pioneer in social media for some time now, but many people aren’t aware of the various things that can be done on or through Facebook.  Just like large retail companies have Facebook pages, almost all used car dealerships St. Charles have Facebook pages of their own.  


Simply scrolling through the dealership’s timeline can give you a surprisingly good feel about the dealership and what customers think of it.  As you read through it, ask yourself which recurring themes keep coming up.  Furthermore, what kind of content does the dealership post?  Is it accurate, professional, and up-to-date?


Now more than ever there are more resources you have access to when researching used car dealerships St. Charles.  As time goes on, social media is turning into one of the most efficient ways to gain information.


Visit The Dealer’s Website and Know What to Look For


As just about all of the used car dealerships St. Charles, IL have their own websites, knowing how to gain insight into the dealership’s business practice via their website is a powerful ability.  Since each of these websites showcase the dealer’s inventory, let’s start there.


Take a look at a few of the vehicle detail pages.  What jumps out at you?  Does the page have a professional look and feel, or does it look haphazardly thrown together?  A St. Charles dealership that takes the time to tell the story of their vehicles and includes at least 12 high-quality pictures of each one is probably the best choice.  


An added benefit when buying used is to see if the used car dealerships St. Charles have certification processes.  Certified used cars take some uncertainty out of the picture, as each of these cars go through a specific inspection and repair/reconditioning regimen.  Furthermore, certified used cars often come with extended warranties, allowing you to get the reliability of a new car with the value of buying used.  


Get The Ball Rolling and Let Google Run With It


A quick Google search of any of the used car dealerships St. Charles by name will lead you to their local business listing.  While you can find various pieces of information there, two things should be areas of focus.


The business rating is the first thing to check out.  Scored out of 5 stars, you definitely want to focus only on the dealerships with 3+ stars.  4+ stars is reserved for only the best St. Charles, IL dealerships.  Right next to the business rating you can see how many reviews the dealership has.  The more reviews, the more insight you’ll be able to gain from previous customers’ experiences.  


As you read through the reviews, focus on what kind of overall feel you get from the feedback.  Are most of the underlying themes you’re observing positive?  What kind of details of the experience are most St. Charles customers focusing in on?  These were all people that were in your shoes not long ago, and their insight can impact your outcome.


As long as you stick to your guns, you’ll be working with the best used car dealerships St. Charles, IL in no time.