Vernon Hills, IL is Home To A Wide Variety Of Cheap Used Cars


Regardless of the fact that you’re looking at cheap used cars Vernon Hills, IL, there is no reason for you to settle for anything less than a solid, reliable vehicle.  Sure, buying new comes with perks, like warranties, that new car smell. But what new cars also come with is instant depreciation as soon as you leave the dealership.  When you run the numbers, you’re making a huge financial sacrifice for short term luxuries that soon fade away.  Thankfully, vehicle fit and finish have come a long way in recent decades, and used options today are more reliable than ever, even on the cheap.  It might take a bit more effort to narrow down your list of options, but if you stay focused, you can come out with an incredible deal. Here are a few things to focus on.



  • A Picture Say A Thousand Words
  • What To Keep An Eye Out For
  • Look At New and Used Models Alike



Online Inventory Browsing


Searching online dealer inventories is a must nowadays when searching for any kind of vehicle.  However when searching for cheap used cars near Vernon Hills, it’s even more important.  The care taken in putting up a professional looking listing with good photos can speak volumes about how a dealer operates.  No matter what kind of pricing they have on their vehicles, look into the dealerships that take pride in their work.


In looking at the photos, they can reveal a lot about the history of the car. Yes, you need to keep the price in mind, however focus more on the story the pictures paint.  Don’t be automatically discouraged from a high mileage car. If the pictures show that this is a well-maintained vehicle, it’s worth a closer look. It just might be one of those Vernon Hills used car gems.


Pictures Are Worth Way More Than 1,000 Words


When it comes to cheap used cars Vernon Hills, the images can be extremely important. This is one of the best used car purchasing tips for inexpensive vehicles.


When looking at the images on the dealer’s website, pay very close attention for two reasons. First, the number and quality of the images will reveal the character of the dealership. A used car priced at $1,995 is not expected to be pretty or look like it just came off the showroom floor. Does the dealer still take the time and offer to offer the people of Vernon Hills, IL 15 or more images? Are they trying to give you the best impression of the vehicle or do they only use a few images where the vehicle looks worn and ragged like you would expect from a high-mileage car? A dealership that adds 15 plus photos of cheap used cars in Vernon Hills is taking the same amount of time and effort as they would on a $25,000 used car. The experience with this type of dealership is probably going to be much better.


The second reason to pay attention to photos is to get a feel for how well the car has been taken care of. An inexpensive pre-owned vehicle with holes in the interior, partly detached bumpers and plenty of dents, was probably driven very hard and not taken care of. 


On the other hand, what about a $1,500 vehicle that looks immaculate? Even if it does have high mileage, if the interior looks great, the body is free of major damage, and all of the parts are where they should be, it’s likely your $1,500 will be well spent and your car will last for some years to come.


Crucial Areas To Inspect At The Dealership


It’s extremely important to inspect a few areas on cheap used cars in Vernon Hills, IL. First and foremost, inspect the underside of the vehicle. It’s essential that you don’t see anything that points to a major leak. The vehicle was most likely cleaned and detailed recently so for the most part it should look good. If you do find anything that looks like a major leak, be sure to ask about it.


Now walk around to the back of the car and look at the exhaust. Look for a black build-up at the end of the tailpipe. It’s likely not going to be a clean area, but if you see a heavy build-up it could be a sign that the engine is burning oil. Again, make sure to ask if this is the case.


It’s a great feeling when you find a high quality, inexpensive car. Use these tips and you can soon be driving the best cheap used cars in Vernon Hills, IL.