3 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Search For The Best Used Car Lots


Finding great used car lots Libertyville, IL comes with hurdles. Really, buying any used vehicle can be challenging. There are literally thousands of vehicles to choose from in and around Libertyville. The trick is locating the right vehicle at the right price. At Your Choice Autos we served the area for nearly 30 years and we have found that there are some recurring mistakes that people make. Some are very simple with minor consequences, while others can lead to larger issues like paying to much interest on your car loan. Read this information closely as it can make a major difference when buying a used car.


  1. Don’t Wait To Secure Your Auto Loan Until Arriving At The Dealership


Over the years, as people visit used car lots Libertyville, IL, we see this mistake taking the biggest toll. It’s a major source of frustration that can be easily avoided. What happens is that people go through the entire car shopping process. They find a vehicle online, come to the dealership for a test drive and get ready to purchase. Then, they start the loan application.


Where they get frustrated is when the loan terms come back with interest and payments that aren’t what they thought. Now they have to decide, right at the used car lots Libertyville, if they can afford the payments or make the required down payment. Unfortunately, that’s not the best time to make a decision. The best way to do this is to get approved for your loan before ever walking through the dealership doors.


The very first step to take is to get your credit reports. This is very simple. Go to the Annual Credit Report website. Follow their very simple instructions step by step. By the end of the process you will have your credit reports from all three bureaus. You can also purchase your FICO scores for a small fee.


Now that you have your credit report and know your complete credit profile, it’s time to get pre-approved. This can usually be done online and it only takes a minute or so to complete the forms. At this point you have taken the first step to creating a great experience with used car lots Libertyville.


  1. Don’t Forget To Research The Used Car Dealer You Are Considering


Unfortunately, we frequently hear stories about unsavory experiences with certain dealerships. With the availability of so much information online, getting a feel for a dealer is pretty simple. One of the best ways to do this is to see what their customers have said about doing business with them. It can all start with a simple search for the dealer’s name.


When you do this, you should find their website. In addition to their website, though, you will likely find ratings pages for them. It could be a Google+ local page or a Yelp page. Either way, you should be able to find a rating for used car lots in Libertyville, IL as well as individual reviews. Start with the rating. What you don’t want to see are 1.0 and 2.0 out of 5 stars. See if the Libertyville, IL dealership has 3.5 stars or better. If they do, there’s a solid chance you’re in good hands.


Next, read the reviews. What are people saying about the dealer? Are the reviews mostly positive? Do they reference specific dealership employees? All of these things should be taken into account. Knowing what a used car lots Libertyville customers are saying can give you good insight into what doing business with them will be like.


  1. Don’t Miss Key Information On The Dealer’s Website


As you are browsing used cars for sale, there are certain things to pay attention to. Most people tend to overlook this, but they are extremely simple. On a used car lot Libertyville website, pay attention to the vehicle comments. This is where the dealer talks about the vehicle. There are certain phrases that come up which point to how well the vehicle was cared for. Do you find phrases like, ‘all service records in hand’, ‘garage kept’, ‘oil change every 2500 miles’, etc. These phrase may seem like nothing at all, but if you can spot them, they may provide the insight you need to help get you a great used car.


Last, look on the car lot’s website for references to certification. Does the vehicle undergo some kind of certification process? Is there a method the dealer follows to ensure necessary recondition and repairs takes place? This is the final key point and can ensure you get a high quality vehicle from used car lots Libertyville.