Tips For Finding The Best Used Cars in Palatine Without The Hassle


Get ready for some great information to make buying your next used car simple and enjoyable!


Finding the best used cars in Palatine, IL can be very simple. If you have some inside information to follow you cut the time and effort it takes to find a great car in half.


It’s worth printing this page and almost using it as a checklist. We are going to give you some great insight into used car buying. We’ll cover inspecting the vehicle, what step to take first and how to find a great dealership.


What Kind Of Experience Does The Dealership Provide?


You should expect a great experience shouldn’t you? A great dealer near Palatine should get you a great used car and a great buying experience. The trick is finding a great used car dealer. Here are two places you can use to research.


First, search the dealership by name on Google. You should see the dealership’s local business page. This page has reviews and may even have a rating. Scan through the reviews and read some of them. You want to get a feel for what the dealer’s customers are saying about their used car buying experience. Is it positive? Do they mention specific employees they thought did a great job? If so, take a mental note. This may be a strong dealership and one that has some of the best used cars in Palatine.


The second place to look is Facebook. Social media can actually give you deeper insight about the business. To start, look on the left to see the dealer’s rating. It will have a possible five-star rating. Anything above 4.0 is great.


Even more telling is how the dealership interacts with followers. Scroll through their timeline to see if they are consistently posting content. Are they responding to the comments of their followers? If they have some negative feedback, do they address it? These are the kinds of things you can find on a Palatine dealer’s Facebook page.


3 Things To Look For On The Test Drive


Now it’s time to really get a good feel for the car. The test drive is one of the most enjoyable parts of buying a used car. You’re getting close to the end and if the vehicle feels and drives right, it might just be the one for you. You should also be very alert on the test drive. You are going to base your purchasing decision in large part on your driving experience. Here are some things to pay attention to.


First, make sure you drive the vehicle on different types of roads. It may be one of the best used cars in Palatine, IL on city streets, but it may not perform well on the highway. If this is the case, you need to know. Make sure you drive the car on the highway and around town.


Next, pay attention to the sounds you hear. Roll down the windows and listen. As you turn the car, do you hear any unusual sounds? Now, as you come to a stop, do you hear any squeaking or grinding? Also, pay attention to any noises you hear while driving on the highway. If anything sounds unusual, make sure to ask.


Our final used car purchasing insight is to pay attention when the vehicle shifts. It should be mostly silent and smooth. If the car drags or jerks when it shifts, it could be a sign there is a transmission issue. And driving on Palatine IL roads is not something you want to do with a transmission issue.


Great pre-owned vehicles are waiting for you. Use this information to find the best used cars in Palatine, IL.