The used Ford F-250 Steps Up to The Plate For Residents in Plainfield, IL


Once your personal or work needs surpass the capability of light-duty pickup trucks, look no further than the used Ford F-250 Plainfield, IL.  As pickup trucks started to evolve and turn into a core segment of the american auto industry, they also became an integral part of laborers’ daily work.  Thanks to advances in technology and engineering over the years, larger tasks that once needed massive commercial trucks are being tackled by their smaller counterparts.  That’s where the F-250 excels.  With a big boost in functionality from only a small boost in size, the F-250 is a perfect fit for any Plainfield, IL worker.  Here are a few reasons this Super Duty used Ford truck will step up to the challenge.



  • Built used Ford Tough
  • Ample Power For All Applications
  • Impressive Capabilities



Maximum Durability


When used Ford came up with its motto, they weren’t simply agreeing on a quirky catchphrase.  The used Ford F-250 Plainfield exemplifies what “Built used Ford Tough” means. It’s frame boosts torsional rigidity while minimizing twisting and flex.  Adding strength to high-stress areas, gussets build upon the fully boxed front rails and heavy-gauge C-channel rails/crossmembers.


used Ford engineers know that the body of a truck can be as durable as they come, but if the engine isn’t equally up to the challenge, it simply doesn’t matter.  To ensure the truck’s heart is fully capable, The PowerStroke engine is put through intense durability tests. Various adverse conditions are weathered for over 250,000 miles, making sure the engine is fit for work.


Massive Power


As Plainfield drivers looking at the F-250 will need varying degrees of functionality, used Ford provides engine choices to cover the spectrum.  The standard engine provides plenty of grunt to the used Ford F-250 Plainfield, with 385 hp and 405 lb-ft. This 6.2L V8 is even E85 capable. In fact, it will run on any mixture of unleaded gasoline and E85.


For those Plainfield residents who need a bigger boost in power have the pleasure of selecting the PowerStroke engine mentioned above.  It’s a 6.7L Turbo Diesel V8 that produces 440 hp and an incredible 860 lb-ft of torque. A larger turbocharger with increased airflow capacity is at the root of the increased power output over the previous generation Super Duty.  


The Super Duty PowerStroke has another added benefit that is a bonus in Chicagoland winters: instant-glow spark plugs.  When the temperature drops, you can rest assured that the used Ford F-250 Plainfield’s engine will turn over quickly and get you on your way.


Maximum Capability


As Plainfield, IL workers considering the F-250 will undoubtedly be facing various tasks, used Ford has equipped their Super Duty trucks with a bevy of features and options.  Boosting used Ford’s solid 6-speed SelectShift transmission is the TorqShift variant. It includes a tow-haul mode that automatically controls gear selection, enhancing uphill and downhill efficiency.  Altitude and grades also are seamlessly controlled by the TorqShift. As a result, the used Ford F-250 Plainfield gives you power exactly where and when you need it.


On the interior, storage is increased thanks to some hidden spaces.  Under-seat, locking storage compartments give you a dedicated space to keep your important items while you’re on the job.  


Another helpful feature is the available integrated tailgate step.  Disappearing into the tailgate when not needed, its 350-lb capacity allows workers easy access to their payload.  Just another reason why the used Ford F-250 Plainfield is a worthy choice.


used Ford has been the leading brand in truck manufacturing for 29 years running.  While the mainstream F-150 is a driving force in this, the Super Duty line of used Ford trucks has been supporting american industry for decades.  Come check out the used Ford F-250 Plainfield, IL today!