What to Look for When Choosing a Used Car Dealership Dealership in Geneva, IL


So you’ve decided you want a used car (Congratulations! Good choice!), but now you have to decide which used car dealers Geneva you’re going to get it from. This may not seem like a huge decision, but where you choose to purchase from can easily make or break your day there. Knowing what to look for in your car dealership search is crucial to finding a good one. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching among used car dealers Geneva.


Customer feedback is key


Free advice! Why would you turn down free advice? Let the experiences of others be your guide when looking for the best used car dealers Geneva. Reading reviews does a lot of the decision-making for you. People are just as vocal about the bad ones as they are with the good ones, so taking the time to do a little reading can only work in your favor. The process is simple, but you should take an organized approach. Diving head-first into a sea of reviews is overwhelming even to think about.


Google “used car dealers Geneva” if you’re interested in finding out more about used car dealers in the Geneva area, and look for the section where people can post their feedback. Begin by looking at the star ratings, looking especially for dealers with 3.5 stars or more. The star ratings give you an overview of the dealership at a quick glance, and allow for you to get a sense of the dealership as a whole. If the dealership passes the initial star test, then start taking a closer look at the actual reviews. People are brutally honest on these, so don’t take what’s posted for granted. It’s helpful to read reviews on both the positive and the negative side so you can see what really works at that dealership, and what may have a negative impact on your time there.


The purpose of reading the reviews is for you to get a feel for many dealerships before even going to one, and to help you make an informed decision. Being able to picture yourself having the experiences of others can easily help narrow down to the best used car dealer in Geneva, IL for you.


See what kind of financial deals are offered


The price tag on cars can be pretty cringe-worthy, but with this step in the dealership search process, it doesn’t have to be so painful. The sooner you start thinking about getting a loan put together, the better. If you walk into used car dealers Geneva with your loan terms already in place (which is possible to do!) your time spent there becomes exclusively about finding your perfect car and making sure of your vehicle needs and specifications are met. Doesn’t that sound so much more pleasant?

Many dealers have sections for financial deals on their websites. If you see ways to get the most for your trade-in if you have one, apply for a loan online, or to lower your monthly payments, this is a dealership worth considering. Definitely start the loan process before visiting a dealership. Meeting with credit unions and loan specialists is helpful, as well. Your goal is to do as little work at the dealership as possible. How bad can that be?


Check out the inventory


So now that you’ve put in all of this time reading and loan-planning, the last thing you want to have happen is that the dealership doesn’t have the car you want. Don’t panic! This problem is avoidable!


You can easily find a dealership’s inventory online. If you can’t, or you want absolute proof that your dream car is on the lot waiting for you, give the dealership a call.  While it is important to know that smaller dealerships tend to have smaller inventory, that does not mean that they won’t have what you want. used car dealers Geneva put the needs of their customers first, and the last thing they want to have happen is for you to leave with something you are unhappy with.


Keep all of this in mind when selecting a dealership and you will be receiving the best service used car dealers Geneva has to offer.