How to Find a Police Car Auction in Your Area

Locating a local cop car auction in your locality is some of the times very tricky, if you do not know where to start. There are many ways to find this information, but for regions where these kind of auctions are not too known it could be a case of ringing your local cop station and inquiring if they know.

Online Police Auction Information

You can locate some data on the internet, on government websites also which will allow you to search your region for a particular car. These sites are not restricted to vehicles, either. You can locate SUVs, motorcycles and trucks on plenty of them too. Doing a ZIP code search and also choosing a specific version will show you all the cars within a certain distance from you. Cops specific auctions can be discovered by other sites like gov-auctions which will tell you where and when the local auctions will take place.

GSA Vehicles

The General Service Administration is the largest national sales agency and you can also check out fleet sale vehicles and also vehicles on their site. Onnet types of the auction can be found via the GovSales website. Locating ex police vehicles for sale is down to how often those local auctions are being held, but you can try also on eBay Motors. In the motors section, you can search for government vehicle auctions. You can hereby search by ZIP code, kind of car, miles from where you are or maker and version of the vehicle you need.

Local Police Cars For Sale

The local cop will some of the time put up notifications or leaflets of an impending auction being held. You can notify your local government offices and discover how else you can find an auction and if they possess no data, at least they might be able to lead you to the right way.